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6-MONTH Coaching Programme tailored 
entirely to yoU.

We train, study and develop our professional skill set to advance our careers. In order to grow and develop as a resilient, strategic and focused leader, we also need dedicated time and space – outside of our daily operational demands – to explore new ideas, reassess our needs, and have an opportunity to reflect and identify new goals.

Does this sound familiar?

  • You’re trying to meet everyone else’s needs, but your own happiness is getting lost
  • People-pleasing is negatively impacting your ability to be a manager and you’re missing opportunities as a result.
  • You feel frustrated, stressed and overwhelmed but can’t pinpoint why!
  • You aren’t communicating effectively leading to your ideas and contributions being overlooked.
  • There are 2,637 tabs open in your mind at the same time meaning you are unfocused, inefficient and not working strategically.

How would it feel to be more confident at work? To be empowered to stand up and be seen as the talent that you are? To have structure, strategy, and ownership of your career advancement and your time?

In this 6-month bespoke coaching programme, we will work together to improve and expand on capabilities such as career progression, interpersonal skills, managing people, emotional intelligence, public speaking, mindset, presence, confidence and business communications so that you can perform at the highest level. The coaching programme is tailored entirely to you.

To get started, I offer a free 20-minute discovery session. Book a chat here, and let’s get going!

What You'll get

The 1:1 Programme package is a 6-month programme that is completely tailored to your needs and goals. This is transformative coaching, not merely transactional! Which means that there is no trying to fit you into someone else’s box – you get high quality, individual coaching that is tailored to meet you were you’re at and propels you towards your goals.

The programme offers you the opportunity to:

  • strategise and develop an action plan with someone who has no skin in the game
  • unpack and soundboard difficult situations at work
  • learn how to set boundaries and say no
  • move into leadership capability
  • help you get out of your own way and take the steps you need to take in order to advance your career
  • process complex situations with a neutral third party
  • learn to have difficult conversations
  • Explore and expand your emotional intelligence – a critical skill for the most effective leaders
  • see your skill set through new eyes
What is included:
  • a 90-minute kickoff session
  • 11 bi-weekly hourly sessions
  • Unlimited out-of-session support
What you get access to when working with me:
  • identify together what’s missing
  • set clear milestones to ensure you are consistently moving towards your goals to get to where – and who! – you want to be
  • formulate an action plan that guides our program of works and ensures you are never wondering what you need to do
  • a guide and mentor providing you with:
  • encouragement
  • structure to your transformational journey
  • motivation
  • analysis of what’s hindering your progress
  • identification of unhelpful behavioural patterns and a pathway for change
  • a break down of your goal into tangible and manageable steps
This coaching package is tailored to your needs and that includes the meeting style that works best for you. All sessions can be done in-person (within a 200km radius of my home base in Erlangen, Germany), virtually using Zoom, Teams or Facetime, or a combination of both.
You’ll walk away from this coaching programme:
  • Empowered to stand up and be seen as the talent that you are
  • Feeling comfortable putting your own needs first and still achieve your career goals
  • With more time and energy
  • Prioritizing the things you want
  • With a feeling of fulfillment across all areas of your life     
  • With authenticity – no longer compromising on who you are

As an ACC certified coach with the International Coach Federation (ICF), I have over 20 years’ experience and expertise in corporate learning & development working with emerging and developing leaders in both English and German.

To get started, I offer a free 20-minute discovery session. Book a chat here, and let’s get going!

Authenticity, resilience and confident communication are the keys to a successful career and life. Choosing and following your own path results in more happiness, energy, fulfilment and passion for your career and life!


Coaching is a non-judgemental, strictly confidential partnership that provides you with an objective, impartial sounding board and sparring partner to help you navigate your professional development and growth. In a supportive yet results-driven environment, we work together to establish an action plan that leads to a transformational goal, creating more stability, productivity, and resilience.
With a combination of guidance, encouragement, and at times, challenging questions, you will be able to:
  • communicate more confidently
  • get your message heard and have people listening with both ears and eyes
  • be recognised for the talent you have and be seen as the high performer you are
  • have more confidence in your career
  • control and direct your own career trajectory
  • improve your managerial skills & style
  • be empowered to be your real self at work
  • have more energy and passion for your chosen field by being more authentic
As an ACC certified coach with the International Coach Federation (ICF), I have over 20 years’ experience and expertise in corporate learning & development working with emerging and developing leaders in both English and German. I have a proven track record of helping my clients gain clarity, recognize their inner strengths, and position themselves correctly for the future they choose. Now more than ever that’s what we all want for ourselves! 
I’m great not only at listening, but at hearing what you’re really trying to say. Or not saying. And asking powerful questions to get to the heart of the matter.
Here are just a few examples of client transformations:
  • One client found the self-awareness to recognize that she was unhappy and unfulfilled in her current position. She went after a job that matched her skills and talents and got it! Her new mindset around her own value and worth enabled her to not only negotiate a higher salary but to get more than she even asked for!
  • Another client found his voice and learned to communicate with confidence. His presentation skills dramatically improved and soon after he finished his coaching programme, he was promoted!
  • One client worked through issues around people-pleasing and the need to be liked and realized that she could – and should! – show up for work as herself and not as the version of her that she thought others expected. Now that she’s using her energy on her actual work and not on trying to be someone else, she’s the rising star in her team! Different teams are vying to have her work with them, and she is actually enjoying her industry again!

Are you ready to feel empowered in your career, grow personally and professionally and create greater fulfillment in all areas of your life? To sign up, click button below.

Your career, your needs, and your goals.


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