Coaching ServiceS

1:1 Coaching

A 6-month bespoke coaching programme to help you assess, enhance and expand your leadership capabilities. In this transformative coaching programme, you will gain focus and structure to assess your needs, reflect on your patterns of behaviour and leadership style, gain clarity about your motivations and values, and achieve your growth and development goals.

Team Coaching

Want to get the best out of your team? Let’s focus on finding a common purpose, defining the goals and vision, and creating an effective strategy to bring this all into fruition.

Presentation Coaching

Are you looking to wow on the stage? Are you an expert at your job but not at delivering a presentation? Would you like to be able to present with passion and prowess? Together we can create the script and visual aids and then work on crafting a natural, engaging delivery that will resonate with your target audience.

Facilitation For Leadership Teams

A powerful tool in tapping into positive teamwork; professional and independent facilitation will provide the structure, focus and goal-oriented discussions needed to support concrete strategic outcomes.

Leadership Circle 360º Feedback Assessment

The only 360° assessment that measures both creative key competencies that are essential to leadership effectiveness and reactive tendencies. An essential tool for the effective professional development of your leaders and top talent.

DISC Profiling

Increase and improve team communication and interaction by understanding each individual’s communication style and strategies. A highly effective tool that is both easy to understand and provides the team with a common language for interaction.

Keynote Speeches

Inspire your leadership team with dynamic, engaging and motivating content. Working with global corporate organisations, I create a bespoke delivery which is in line with your strategic objectives and company values.