This is your opportunity to unlock the next stage in your career. Let’s leverage the hard work and intellect that has gotten you to this level. Capture people’s attention with the competence and experience you have, to be seen as the leader you are. 


You have expertise in your role, you are an expert in your area of work, and have years of experience under your belt. But presenting in front of an audience is a challenge. Your expertise is not around being a fine-tuned presentation-giving machine, so it’s only natural to seek someone to help you with it. The good news is, as a core competency for leaders, effective communication can be learned, trained and fine-tuned. I will help you:

  • grab and maintain your audience’s interest and attention
  • speak before any group with confidence 
  • present facts and figures, demanding the room’s attention 
  • leave a lasting impression of your achievements and potential
  • ensure the audience take-away is your key message

In my Communicate for Success programme, I work with clients to help them learn how to communicate in a compelling, interest-holding way.

“A presentation is said, not read”     –Julia Nicholson Harig

Als Einstieg biete ich eine kostenlose und unverbindliche, 20-minütige Session zum Kennenlernen an. Buche unsere Unterhaltung gleich hierund lass uns loslegen.

Fine-tune your leadership presentations

In this programme, we focus on building your confidence and shaping personal executive presence, so it’s a skill you can access whenever and wherever you present. 

Effective presentations are an important part of your leadership role and the way to convey your expertise and experience to an audience. Just like leadership communication, this skill can be learned, trained and fine-tuned:

  • identify and craft an engaging message
  • create a suitable structure
  • own the key message
  • improving the delivery
  • building confidence, you know your message and your goal despite interruptions
  • set up clean presentation slides with key points, not paragraphs

“How you present is as important as what you present.”   – Julia Nicholson Harig

Du wirst bereit sein, eine dynamische, stichhaltige, und überzeugende Präsentation abzuliefern. Und die Zuhörer werden dir ihre volle Aufmerksamkeit widmen.


Our session will follow my signature four-step Kommunikation mit Erfolg process:

  1. ZIELE
  • What is the purpose of your presentation? Do you want to inform? Start a discussion? Persuade? Impress?
  • Determine who your key audience is, and what resonates with them
  • Kreiere eine Struktur, mit der sich deine Präsentation – und du dich! – von den anderen abhebst
  • Create and refine your presentation so that it hits the mark
  • Review and potentially tweak your slides to ensure they fit your goals and speak to your audience
  • Verfeinere deine Intonation, sodass deine Präsentation nicht nur gut geschrieben ist, sondern auch gut klingt 
  • Recording the presentation enables you to become familiar with your words, your own intonation, and the flow. This really makes a huge difference to how authentic and persuasive you come across during the actual presentation 
  • The key to a successful presentation is feeling comfortable with it: your words, your message and your intention are what your audience takes away from your presentation. Practice makes perfect.
  • You will walk away from this intensive programme as a confident communicator and presenter, excited to showcase your strengths, and looking forward to demonstrating your expertise and talent.

Communicate with Confidence.