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Do you have goals for your professional or personal development?

Do you have a strategy for your own future?

How often do you dedicate the time and mental energy to your own big picture?

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The Power of Coaching

It is all too easy to get caught up in everyday life and lose sight of what it is we are really aiming for. Lack of time, lack of motivation, lack of confidence, and lack of clarity around what our goals really are – all can contribute to keeping us from being our best selves.

Coaching gives you the opportunity to explore these questions and to answer and fulfil them. Through a series of open, honest, challenging, supportive one-on-one conversations, I will help you get to the heart of the matter. Coaching will help you improve productivity, increase your self-confidence, find more energy and passion for your work, and reduce stress.

Let’s work together to bring out the best in you!

The coaching process

All coaching is tailored to each individual.

Over a period of months, together we will work on:

  • identifying your true goals and motivations
  • understanding what patterns of behaviour may be holding you back
  • determining what actions to take in order to fulfil your goals
  • achieving and sustaining personal and professional growth

Coaching can take place in person, over the phone or using a video conferencing tool such as Zoom or Facetime, whichever works best for you and your schedule. Coaching sessions take place every 2-4 weeks, and usually last one hour.

The Benefits of Coaching

Having a professional coach offers you the opportunity to:

  •  discuss professional and personal challenges with complete confidentiality and free of judgement
  • gain focus and structure
  • have someone guide, encourage and challenge you to achieve your goals
  • improve and expand on capabilities such as career progression, interpersonal skills, managing people, emotional intelligence, public speaking, mindset, presence, confidence and business communications

The International Coach Federation (ICF) global survey showed that 82.7% of individuals who have experienced professional coaching report being “very satisfied” with their coaching experience and 96.2% said they would repeat it given the same circumstances.

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In the 20+ years that I have been in the Learning & Development industry, I have evolved my practice from Business Communications Training to Executive Coaching, recognizing that the skills required of my clients to succeed professionally and find satisfaction personally are becoming increasingly complex in our information-intense, fast-paced, global society.

My coaching combines corporate experience with my passion for helping people unlock their true potential. My style is dynamic, intuitive and direct, and I have a proven track record of helping clients gain clarity, recognize their inner strengths, achieve their goals, and become a more enriched version of themselves. 

I graduated with honours from the Ivey School of Business at Western University (Canada), and completed ICF-approved coaching training at Full Circle Global in London.

I also work on achieving my own goals and love learning new things! I am a hobby triathlete, sing in a local choir, am an avid collector of Canadian art, and I have a passion for exploring the world. I have lived and worked in multiple countries in North America and Europe, and work in both English and German.



My clients often tell me how much they appreciate that I get to the heart of the matter — but with heart. They value the personal relationship and rapport we develop.

I can't recommend Julia highly enough - she is a phenomenal professional and business coach. We have been working together for over two years (monthly online sessions) and she has helped me overcome a number of work-related issues, has coached me through some difficult decisions and situations and has been a wonderful resource of advice and wisdom I've used daily in my business as it grows exponentially. She has a way of listening and deciphering my work problems in a way that no one else ever has and is constantly helping me see things from different angles and finding ways to tackle issues from a new perspective. I love that she challenges me to consistently set measurable goals and also to get to the root of deeper issues (i.e. how I define success for myself) that might be holding me back. My coaching sessions with Julia are a highlight for me each month and a real touchstone for me to think about where I’m at with my business and within my business. Working with her is absolutely worth the investment and then some. Not just a 5-star coach, but a 50-star coach.

Susannah Bleasby

Artist & Entrepreneur
Julia listens and then delivers. For me, she delivered practical tools to help me regain control of my time. Early in the process, we made changes that delivered quick wins around organization and prioritization that were real game-changers. From there, she helped me make big advances on my goals. We articulated the goals, drew up a game plan and then worked through the execution. The result was more goals achieved. Prior to this experience, I didn’t fully appreciate the value proposition of coaching. Julia opened my eyes to the benefits, particularly how it helps you achieve at a higher level.

Devin Crago

Vice President & Portfolio Manager

Nach langen Jahren in einer Führungsposition wollte ich mich neu motivieren und persönlich weiterentwickeln. Julia hat mir dabei in ihrer professionellen, direkten und pragmatischen Art sehr geholfen, dass ich meine Vision in die Tat umsetzen kann. Sie hat mir wertvolle Tipps, Denkanstöße und Impulse gegeben. Im Verlaufe des Coachings sind mir viele Dinge klarer geworden und ich sehe meiner beruflichen Zukunft optimistisch entgegen. Ein Coaching mit Julia kann ich jedem empfehlen, der sich in einer Situation befindet, in der er das Gefühl hat, dass er nicht weiterkommt oder einfach neue Impulse benötigt.

Ira Kurz

Director: Data Analysis & Pharmacovigilence

I had a presentation and communication coaching with Julia and loved it! She is such a empathetic and supporting person. She helped me with structuring my presentation, setting a red thread and making the presentation entertaining w/o loosing the seriousness. Julia even recorded the spoken text in advance, so I was able to work on my language and tonality for the live presentation. Her spirit and energy were absolutely contagious and I appreciated working with her very much! Thank you, Julia!

(Prep your Presentation programme)

Julia Hartung

Communications Project Manager

Working with Julia has opened a wide horizon for me - my own. Julia supported me in clearly recognizing my goals and using my potential. Within a short period of time, our collaboration had a positive effect on many aspects of my life, both on the job and personally. The result: more clarity, sovereignty, success and satisfaction. For me, Julia is one of the most inspiring people I have ever met. Her professional manner is open, honest, motivating and appreciative. She has set the right impulses so that I can continue to grow and achieve my goals. I can recommend JNH Coaching to anyone who wants to take the initiative to get the best out of themselves.


Senior Speechwriter

I had the pleasure of being coached by Julia over several sessions. I was so impressed how Julia helped me discover more about myself and answer some questions that I should have dealt with previously. The manner in which Julia made me feel at ease and the total trust ensured that I got maximum outputs from all sessions...would highly recommend to anyone wishing to ‘better’ themselves.

Simon Venni

Head of Professional Sales

After five years as a scientific assistant, I started my professional life outside of university two years ago as a team leader in the research department. My future is very important to me, so I’m thankful to be able to work with someone on my goals who takes them equally seriously. What I noticed first about Julia was her positive attitude, openness, warmth, empathy, and her outstanding organization skills. Being a coach and contributing to the development and growth of people towards a more fulfilling professional position is not only a job for Julia but a heartfelt calling. I can recommend Julia as a professional business coach without reservation and I look forward to our further cooperation.


Research & Development Department Head

Frau Harig war fantastisch!! Sie hat sich sehr gut auf meine Bedürfnisse eingestellt und konnte sehr gut herausarbeiten, wo es noch Defizite gibt und wie wir daran arbeiten mussten. Gleichzeitig war sie sehr motivierend. Die Ergebnisse konnte ich zeitnah in meinen Arbeitsalltag einbringen. Meine Erwartungen wurden im Endergebnis übertroffen. Schade, dass es vorbei ist.


Legal Compliance

Frau Harig war fantastisch!! Sie hat sich sehr gut auf meine Bedürfnisse eingestellt und konnte sehr gut herausarbeiten, wo es noch Defizite gibt und wie wir daran arbeiten mussten. Gleichzeitig war sie sehr motivierend. Die Ergebnisse konnte ich zeitnah in meinen Arbeitsalltag einbringen. Meine Erwartungen wurden im Endergebnis übertroffen. Schade, dass es vorbei ist.


VP Magnetic Resonance

In our last coaching session, I confessed to Julia: “Working on my goals was not always easy – but it would have been much harder if I had stayed where I was in the beginning.” I worked with Julia for 6 months and I can proudly say that it was a real success: I gained more strength, clarity and confidence. With her help, I figured out what I want to work on, where my weaknesses and my strengths are – and what I can do to achieve my dreams. I can highly recommend working with Julia, she is warm-hearted, empathetic, and always focused. I am so glad I made this investment in myself. It has been a pleasure working with you, Julia.

Elena Kleffel

Communications Trainee

I feel like you’re inside my head and asking all the right questions!

Helene Holman

Professional Stage Actor

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