Hello friends!

This is one of my favourite parts of December: looking back at the year and picking out the greatest lessons and learnings. This year of course was a *very* different year, so there were many!

2020 was definitely a challenging year. But on balance, it wasn’t a bad year.

I learned a lot!

About myself, about my business, and about what both need, and what they can do without.

My Word of the Year for 2020 was Growth. And I intended and hoped to have personal and professional growth this year. Boy did I! It was almost impossible not to have personal growth in a year that challenged us all so much. I was fortunate to have professional growth as well, something that took more dedication, commitment and energy than I ever would have imagined.

So here we go, my favourite kind of list, my Year in Review!

Word of the Year: Growth

Motto of the Year: Live your own story

Best Book: Emotional Agility by Susan David

Best Decision: Working with a Coach Supervisor to help me grow my skill set and awareness as a coach

Best Discovery: Plant-based eating

Best Investment: Hiring a business coach to help me guide my business through the pandemic

Best Moment: My mum getting the all-clear from cancer

Best Podcast for work: Focus on This

Best Podcast to binge: Catch & Kill

Best Vacation: 3 weeks at the North Sea in August – the first time we’ve had 3 weeks off since our honeymoon in 2002

Happiest Moment: Spending 5 days on a family cycling trip

Hardest Lesson: There is no such thing as an overnight success

Greatest Lesson: Sometimes not giving up is the biggest step forwards!

2020 was not the year I anticipated, but it was a year that challenged me greatly to bring out the best in myself, to conquer some limiting beliefs, and to continually recommit to my values and goals.

What is in your Year End Review?


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