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The Other 50%

Hello Friends! Today’s newsletter is about something that is very close to my heart. A topic that I am very passionate about. A topic that

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Hello Friends! Spring may still be at least a few weeks away, but the first subtle signs of seasonal shift are showing. After my winter of

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Hello Friends! I was surprisingly hesitant to write the last email on the topic of Wintering. I wasn’t sure if the topic would appeal to

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Hello Friends! Happy New Year!! I hope that 2023 started off happy and healthy for you and that you had the chance to take some

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The Year in Review

Hello Friends! We survived!! It has been quite a year! We’ve navigated a global pandemic – mostly intact – and are closing out perhaps one of the

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Hello Friends! It’s rather ironic that in my last newsletter, I suggested the next topic be Wellness, as I was guilty of “falling very behind on implementing that in

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Hybrid Work

Hello Friends! Hybrid Work. Something we all have learned to live with over the past few years, if we weren’t doing it before. And yet,

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The Future of Leadership

Hello Friends! It’s a cold rainy Saturday as I write this week’s newsletter, the fiftieth issue! Ordinarily, the newsletter gets written mid-week and sent out on a

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New Perspectives

Hello Friends! I did a Thursday Thought recently entitled “A Perspective Twist”. The thought came about from a conversation I had had with my husband

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Hello Friends! September always feels far more like the start of the “new year” than January does, don’t you think?? There’s something about the combination

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