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Hello Friends! What is your greatest strength? Your greatest weakness? And what happens if the thing you *think* is your greatest strength is actually not

Hello Friends! When I was in Sweden the other week, one of the topics during the workshop was Adult Development. It’s one of my absolute

Hello Friends! Wow, I did not expect the newsletter on Resilience and Burnout to resonate quite so much!! I was flooded with responses and comments from you

Hello Friends! I spent a few days in London this week, giving my first in-person workshop of the year! It was a workshop called “Having

Hello Friends! As former US President Harry Truman famously said, “Leaders are readers!”  One thing many of the most influential and successful leaders have in

Hello Friends! Welcome to Q2!! I don’t know about you, but somehow the year only seemed to really get started in the last 4 weeks


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