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Hello Friends! Spring may still be at least a few weeks away, but the first subtle signs of seasonal shift are showing. After my winter of

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Morning Routine

Hello Friends! So it’s July already!?!? Not quite sure how that happened!! I don’t know about you, but I am completely confused as to what date

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Life-Changing Reads

Hello Friends! What books have changed the course of your life?  I am a voracious reader. Some of my best childhood memories revolve around discovering

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Setting Boundaries

Hello Friends! Oh boy, setting boundaries is such a loaded topic, isn’t it?! In my not-at-all-scientific analysis of the subject, there definitely does seem to be

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Different Voices

Hello Friends! One of the consequences of a year of working from home is that our circle of influence has shrunk considerably. Where in the

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Growth and Change

Hello Friends! Having a long weekend last weekend was fabulous, wasn’t it? Just what was needed. Hope it felt that way for you too. In

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